A critical component of the Company’s distribution strategy is the education of medical practitioners about medicinal cannabis, as there are significant restrictions regarding the promotion of non-registered pharmaceutical products in the Company’s target markets.

The Company believes the education of medical practitioners is important to help raise awareness of LGP’s products.

The Company’s education and outreach strategy includes:

  • LGP's NEW Medical Portal - a comprehensive website portal, restricted to healthcare professionals, offering education, product information as well as video and other resources on how to prescribe and make applications to the TGA. 
  • GreenChoices– an online education website portal connecting medical practitioners and the community, sponsored by LGP. GreenChoices provides educational materials on medicinal cannabis, including conditions where medicinal cannabis has been anecdotally shown to have a clinical response;
  • cannabinoid therapy seminars for medical practitioners and pharmacists led by key opinion leaders with experience prescribing cannabinoid medicines to patients. These seminars are focus groups aimed at educating medical practitioners about the endocannabinoid system and the prescription process for cannabinoid medicines;
  • speaking engagements and sponsorship of conferences aimed at raising awareness of medicinal cannabis; and
  • education programmes for distributors of LGP branded products

In addition, the Company considers patient advocates to be a particularly important and influential group to assist in raising awareness of medicinal cannabis products and treatments.