Australian Expansion

In Australia, the majority of LGP’s customers access the Company’s products under the SAS-B pathway. LGP’s first customers were approved to be prescribed products pursuant to the SAS-B pathway in August 2018. As of 31 July 2021, more than 15,200 patients have now been prescribed LGP medicinal cannabis products.

LGP’s products are accessed through the following three channels:

(1) Special Access Scheme Category B (SAS-B) – upon application from an eligible medical practitioner, the TGA and State health authorities approve individual prescriptions for the supply of medicinal cannabis products to patients;

(2) Authorised Prescriber Scheme – certain medical practitioners (Authorised Prescribers) are authorised by the relevant Federal and State health authorities (including the TGA) to prescribe any of the nominated medicinal cannabis products to any patient diagnosed with the condition(s) detailed in the authorisation; and

(3) Clinical Audit/Trials – LGP supports and assists medical practitioners conducting clinical audits of LGP’s medicinal cannabis products that review patient responses against established patient baseline data. LGP’s products are currently being used for a multi-centre hospital-based clinical trials.

As of June 2021, over 500 individual clinicians (including Authorised Prescribers) have prescribed LGP medicinal cannabis products to patients in Australia. Each individual clinician represents the potential for multiple patients to be prescribed LGP products.