Working with industry leaders and innovators

Little Green Pharma is accelerating its growth strategy in Australia and internationally with the aim of increasing market share and creating high-value products. To successfully achieve this goal, we have looked to key partners to help us quickly respond to the fast-moving medicinal cannabis market environment. 

Some of our partners include:

Technology and Clinical Development Partners

  • Curtin University: ARISE is a supercritical anti-solvent extraction technology that increases the surface area of particles of active pharmaceutical ingredients with the potential to increase the absorption of drugs by the body. Little Green Pharma holds an exclusive licence to exploit the ARISE technology in connection with medicinal cannabis and has agreed to a research and development agreement with Curtin University to explore new formulations of medicinal cannabis that utilise the ARISE technology.

International Distributors

  • Germany: Little Green Pharma has non-binding agreements in place with German distributors for import and distribution of medicinal cannabis products. 
  • Other: We also have proof-of-concept conditional purchase orders with distributors in the UK, Canada, and New Zealand

Australian Health fund 

  • HIF: LGP entered a strategic partnership with the national private health insurer Health Insurance Fund of Australia (HIF) in November 2020. The partnership will support access to affordable medicinal cannabis products for eligible HIF members. The partnership also encourages future research to advance the understanding of medicinal cannabis and its impacts on quality of life.