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Notice of Annual General Meeting (2022)

Little Green Pharma Ltd (LGP or the Company) wishes to advise shareholders it will hold its 2022 Annual General Meeting on Monday 29 August 2022 at 3:00pm (WST), at Suite 2, Level 2, 66 Kings Park Road, West Perth WA 6005 (Meeting). Shareholders will be able to attend the Meeting physically or virtually.

The Meeting has been convened to seek shareholder approval of the resolutions contained in the Notice of Meeting (see link above). Shareholders should read the Notice of Meeting carefully before deciding how to vote on the resolutions.

Physical attendance
The Board has made the decision that it will hold a physical Meeting with appropriate social distancing measures in place to comply with the State Government’s current restrictions on gatherings at the location specified above. Please note persons representing a corporate shareholder will need to submit a corporate authorised representative form prior to the Meeting or bring one with them to the Meeting.

Virtual attendance – Zoom webinar
As with previous years, shareholders will also be able to attend the Meeting virtually, with shareholders able to vote and ask questions via a Zoom webinar.

The Zoom webinar details are here:

Shareholders are advised to register their attendance via this webinar link prior to the Meeting. Shareholders may wish to also download the Zoom app prior to the Meeting however they will also be able to access the Zoom meeting through their browser.

Notice of Meeting and voting by proxy
If shareholders have nominated a preference for electronic communications, the Company’s registry will email them with a copy of the Letter to Shareholders and a link to Notice of Meeting, as well as details on how to submit their proxies electronically.

For shareholders who have not nominated a preference for electronic communications, the Company’s registry will dispatch a hardcopy of the Letter to Shareholders and personalised Proxy Form by post. Shareholders who have expressly requested a printed copy of the full Notice of Meeting will also receive this document separately by post.

Shareholders who wish to receive Company communications electronically in future should update their preferences at

Please note all shareholders may submit their proxies electronically at any time prior to 3pm (WST) on Saturday, 27 August 2022 (Proxy Cut-Off Time).

To do so, shareholders should go directly to and follow the prompts (the 6-digit control number is 181196). Please note shareholders will need their HIN or SRN number (found on their Proxy, Holding Statement or other broker documentation) and postcode to vote their proxies. Due to potential delays to postal services, shareholders who have not nominated electronic communications may wish to vote their proxies prior to receiving their personalised hardcopy Proxy Forms.

Participation and voting at the Meeting
Please note that all voting at the Meeting will be by poll rather than a show of hands.

If shareholders are attending the Meeting virtually and intend to vote on a poll at the Meeting, they must notify the Company Secretary at before the Proxy Cut-Off Time (as specified in the Notice of Meeting). Following the Proxy Cut-Off Time, the Company Secretary will send the shareholder a personalised poll form (Poll Form). During the Meeting, this Poll Form must be completed and returned to the Company after the poll has been called and prior to the close of polling.

For shareholders attending the Meeting in person, Poll Forms will be made available at the Meeting. The Chair will notify shareholders how and when they are able to complete and return the Poll Form.

Further details on participating, asking questions and voting at the Meeting are contained in the Notice of Meeting.

Shareholders are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the Meeting to the Company. Questions must be submitted by emailing the Company Secretary at by 3:00pm (WST) on Saturday, 27 August 2022. Otherwise, if you have any further questions regarding the Meeting, the Notice of Meeting or how to submit proxies, please contact the Company Secretary at or by telephone at +61 8 6280 0050.

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